Now with special sauce.

Friday, January 12, 2007

SNEEZE already damnit!!!!!!!

Ew. I have some nasty allergies or a wicked cold.

I am in Pittsburgh for the first time in over a year...the longest I have been away yet.

Okay., you ever wanna blog, but you can't really blog, because the things you want to blog don't go with the other things you want to blog? You just have too many things running 'round in your brain and they might have connected in some other world but to unite them in this one would only highlight your presently unidentified personalities, of which there are, evidently, quite a few. You have a need to explain to someone other than yourself what is happening in your head and where you have been and where you plan on going, though not everything is up for public knowledge. So what compels you to want to blog them?

My head is exploding with sneezes and cravings and a need for understanding that may never come. Why do we ever feel the need to share our confusions on pages on myspace which can't possibly provide the clarity we seek...and if we had the clarity, would we have anything to blog about? This happens to me an awful lot...but not just about blogging...about writing in general Usually when this happens I just give up and I definitely don't post it. Today I feel like letting this frustration out. Every now and again I feel pretty clear about something and know at least a thousand ways to explain myself, but more often than not when I sit here to divulge my innards, to myself or on a blog I find that I am entirely too congested. And much like these sneezes that completely posess me only when they're ready, I just want them expelled and put into words. Ahhhhh!