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Monday, February 3, 2014

I can't believe I am writing about the Superbowl.

Football wasn't the only lackluster part of this year's Superbowl.  The commercials were absolutely unworthy of mention minus a fun one from Radioshack that - while incredible - really wasn't a "Superbowl Commercial" as we are used to.  Maybe it's because all sorts of Superbowl commercials were released online in the weeks before the actual event - which makes them - NOT Superbowl commercials - since I could release a "Superbowl Commercial" online every day until next year and it doesn't make it one.  Aside from Radioshack - there is only one other that I can even remember - it is, of course, Coke's controversial ad with people singing "America the Beautiful" in various languages.  I have SO many things to say about this yet I feel compelled to spare you - as so much of it shouldn't even need to be said.  All I know is that I watched this commercial in the presence of a room full of family friends who clearly represent the majority of this country's opinon.  And by "opinion" I politely decline pointing out their intelligence or willingness to think beyond their very first impulse of  "How DARE they sing 'America the Beautiful' in another language!".  Honestly - I had a jolt when that reaction struck me - but immediately it was replaced with thought - a productive one that immediately informed me that many people were going to be appalled.  I never expected I was sitting in a room full of them - nor did I expect that so very many would feel exactly the same and be bold enough to admit their ignorance!  A close friend with me quickly reasoned that this might not have been the best choice for a commercial for a Superbowl audience.  He was content with that - to put the fault on Coke for their poor choice.  In many ways - I do not disagree.

When you awaken to the controversy on The Facebook - you realize what a bad advertising choice this was for Coke but a fantastic progressive choice it was for them.  While it may or may not prove to sell more Coke - they took a chance.  They saw the country moving forward enough to create this conversation.  It's a conversation I literally am astounded to even be having - but they truly believed that enough people already "get it" that this might be a good move.  At the end of the day you really have to remember - they aren't here to change minds - they are here to sell a product.  They really thought this would appeal to the majority - or - if not - at least stir an exciting conversation.  And it is.  They actually spent money on this to air during the actual Superbowl and not simply on Youtube the week prior.

I hate to have to type it out but I am writing a blog on it so:

1. America is MADE of people from every country on the face of the earth - we did not all just magically pop up on this land.
2. Several of those people had to learn English and live in a brand new land in order to enjoy the freedoms many of their ancestors fought for - something most "Americans" never will do.  Try moving to a brand new country and lasting more than a few months - especially in countries with less freedoms than USA.
3. People singing about how beautiful America is in any language at all is joyous!  It's testament to their genuine LOVE of America's beauty and it's PEOPLE (wha???). 
4. How many of you are here BECAUSE of your ancestor's coming here confronting much more hatred than these folks now?
5. It is not a threat to you or your "American-ness".  It is a beautiful celebration of it!