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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Human BEings

I love words. I love weird words, normal words, words that no one uses anymore. My friends know this about me and have been amused at how much fun I have reading a thesaurus. One good friend even gave me a book of bizarre words for one of my birthdays. I love the idea that all words are simply a series of sounds someone made up and applied meaning to put together to define something else that we are essentially applying meaning to. I love that we have so many words for the same objects or ideas, but some really define a situation much better than others. Some people feel that words limit our interpretation of everything around us, yet without them it would take a lot longer to understand it all.

One phrase that has been blowing me away recently is the word that defines what type of creatures we are. We are human beings. I am a human being. We don't say this is my "cat being". We don't refer to bears as "bear beings". They are simply cats and bears. At what point did someone or some everything define us as not only human, but human beings. There can be no doubt whatsoever as to what that means either. We are constantly being. No
matter how much we dwell in the past or worry about the future, we are always in a state of being. It is the absolute best possible way to describe us! This only hit me a few months ago, and it hit me so hard. How long have I been a human being, and known myself as such, and never thought about what that meant? I have been learning so much
about living in the moment and aligning my energy and thoughts with everything that makes me most happy for a few years now, and still...the simplicity of that term and what it referred to never revealed itself. How many other people never think about what it means to be a human...being? All too often I am just a human-thinking-WAY-too-much! I sort of believe that it is limiting not to refer to other creatures as "creature-beings" as well, since they too, are being. I suppose that comes from the superior mindset of man that animals aren't aware of the fact that they are also being, while we are. I don't know that I believe that. All I do know is that this phrase completely reveals a connection between the incredible power of this universe and us as beings in it. Who knows who made the phrase up or if they meant it to be taken so literally, but I'd like to think they did. This is a phrase that I find so precious! If people really think about it, they may remember what's most important.

It's so easy to get caught up in memories of the past or plans for the future but it helps to remember that all we really ever have is this instant and we need to just let it BE. Let ourselves BE. Just BE!