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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So the internet may be overloaded by the end of this decade. Wow. In three years, the potential exists that there will no longer be any room left here?

Damn. I don't know why I'm surprised. As Americans we are raised to consume. Myself included. Sure some people say it is better to give than to receive, but most of us do so only when it serves us best. We are raised to consume natural and man-made products without any thought as to where it goes once it goes in the trash can, toilet, or drain. That is, of course, if it reaches these waste receptacles at all (motherfucking litterbugs!). New York City is somewhat anal about their recycling (at least for private residences)...but go upstate and everything goes in the same trash can. This is the case all across our country and it is past time that this should change. We know that we are reaching the limits of what we have allowed of our environment but how many national laws are in place to correct this? If the leaders of our country are just barely starting to be concerned with these things it is no wonder that we aren't. We've had this new cyber-space thing to distract us for a while now. I am quite surprised that we are just learning of the possibility of reaching the ends of the internet less than 3 years before it is possible. Look at how many things are completely reliant on the internet! Even though we too much of our time here, a whole lot more than myspace will be affected. Will more "space" be created? Can more "space" be created on earth? When will we reach our tipping point? I feel we have been teetering for far too long. What else can we create to avoid paying attention to what really matters and abuse that until we become reliant on it and consume it's entirety? How can we become the change that is needed if the people who can make/inspire these changes refuse to? ideas?

(I hereby apologize for the use of the space for this blog)