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Monday, August 27, 2007

Chill out, Bitch!

Everytime I get online I feel the need to multi-task. Sometimes I have good reason...and I am very busy with little time to do all I I open up several windows and get to it. I could be in the midst of an email when I remember I should check out some info about an audition and I open a new window to check it out. I could then be going through the casting notices in one when I remember a word I wanted to look up in another, and I do. I could be repeating my cycle of checking one email account, then the next, when I suddenly think that in the past 10 minutes someone might have written to me on myspace...or now facebook...even if I haven't sent out any love, it doesn't stop me from hoping someone sent me some. Sometimes I open up a new window and go back to an old one only to return to the new one having no clue what it's purpose was, but I'll be damned if I don't find one for it. Sometimes I will finish up several things in various windows and close them only to find one still open and see that I was half-way through submitting a resume or posting a comment somewhere. I do this even when I have all the time in the world to be online.

I don't think this is the normal version of A.D.D. that seemed to be the trend when I was in school. This is a new breed that is flourishing via my internet usage with no sign of remission.

The scariest thing is that I just realized I am doing this in my head lately too. I feel like I am constantly multi-tasking everything I think I should be thinking about, opening one window after another only to have to return to each again and again to finish a thought or come to any conclusions or solutions.

Sometimes if I walk away from my computer while I have several windows open and it exits out to the user login section, when I go to sign back in it will notify me that there are already "x" number of applications still running and it will warn me that running too many applications at once is not good for my computer.

I could use the same type of reminder in my brain right about now....and all it would need to say is "Chill out, Bitch!"